Just the Two of Us: Introducing Marriage Celebrant Marnie Bicknell

Marnie Bicknell Civil Marriage Celebrant

At Berry Web Design we get to meet people from all walks of life. Each client has a different story and each one is interesting and unique. Take Marnie Bicknell for instance. She loves weddings. So much so, that she became a marriage celebrant. In April 2012 we helped her launch a new brand and website. We caught up recently and asked her 10 quick questions about her experiences.

The Key to Consistency Part Four: Style

Consistency in website style

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The Key to Consistency Part Three: Communication

Consistency in communication for business

How, when and to whom do you communicate? You’ll find that your customers will have expectations that you need to balance with your own business needs. In part three of our Key to Consistency series we look at communication.   Plan your communications Whether it’s a website update, e-newsletter or Facebook post, it can be… Read more »

The Key to Consistency Part Two: Design

Consistency in branding: focus on design

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The Key to Consistency Part One: Content

How to be consistent on your website: all about content

To build and maintain anything successfully you need to be consistent in your approach. If you want to get fit, running a few times a year will get you nowhere. However, running twice a week just might work! Well, the same goes for business, which means the same goes for websites. If you want to… Read more »